Assimilation @ IRON COW

We embarked on a month long journey with Illuminated Paths.

It started with a series of six events that progressed over the course of a month in Orlando, Florida. The assimilation campaign ended with the help of Doktor Argus Q. Faux. The Orlando Weekly took notice.

Check out the video.

“But some of the brightest color of IP’s latest live kaleidoscope came from local band TTN. They’re an industrial act, which you could probably induce just from their song titles, which read like a mixtape of lost Front 242 and Skinny Puppy tracks.”

“Unlike those acts, however, this mostly instrumental group are definitely rock-forward with an aggressive, near-metal guitar lead atop noisy tones and some pounding electronic rhythms. They’re surprisingly live and human for an industrial band (with electronic beats played by hand even), which keeps things decidedly raw. Add in a sense of show and you’ve got a promising act.”

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