“Biopsy” is TTN’s latest single from the upcoming album “Standardization” out 9-20. Orlando Weekly describes this new single as “ample evidence of a band that has been busy behind the scenes over months of relative silence”. With new vocalist Doktor Argus Q. Faux, and a more cohesive and heavier sound, TTN’s new single is bound to leave you wanting more. […]


TTN covers They Might Be Giants! “Twisting”, which appeared on the album Flood (1990). TTN among others decided to cover this with other fine artists in part of a cover compilation album of Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love! ….check out the rest of the cover album here! you just can’t wait to listen to TTN’s new single, just look below.

Assimilation @ IRON COW

We embarked on a month long journey with Illuminated Paths. It started with a series of six events that progressed over the course of a month in Orlando, Florida. The assimilation campaign ended with the help of Doktor Argus Q. Faux. The Orlando Weekly took notice. Check out the video. “But some of the brightest color of IP’s latest live […]